Locked out? Hurt yourself? Disturbed by noise? Emergency? The RAs are here for your well-being. There are currently three Resident Associates: Serkan and Agata in A Block, Patrice in B Block as well as Martin and Adilah in C Block. Each week one of them is on duty and can help you if you left your key in your room, there are quiet hour violations or there is any form of emergency. They are always happy to help you, but for your own convenience and protection please follow these guidelines:


Locked out?


  • First, check if your room mate is inside your apartment or nearby - this is the quickest way to get help.
  • Monday to Friday during the day: Get in touch with the college office manager.
  • Monday to Friday 7pm - midnight and on weekends: call the RA on duty on their regular phone number. Only the RA on duty has a master key!
  • After midnight: Call the porters on 4800.




Please understand that you might have to wait before your room will be opened.


Quiet hours violation



  1. Try talking to the people causing the disturbance.
  2. If this doesn't help contact the RA on duty on their regular phone number. If they don't answer try again a few minutes later.
  3. If you consistently can't reach the RA on duty (which only happens in exceptional circumstances) contact any of the RAs, or - if you can't reach any RA - the college masters.




  • Examples: Physical injury, fire, theft, suspicious activity in the college, extreme emotional distress.
  • Call the Krupp Emergency Phone on 5001 and/or campus security on 4800.


You need to judge which number to call first - if it is important that an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police be dispatched as soon as possible call campus security first. If it is important to get a responsible person to the scene quickly call Krupp Emergency first and then campus security if needed. German speakers can call emergency services directly (remembering to dial an initial 0 when using a campus phone) but need to inform campus security immediately thereafter.


All RAs are certified first aiders.

Welcome to the website of the Krupp College!

Krupp College is the original and oldest residential college of Jacobs University Bremen, hosting at the moment, more than 180 students from more than 40 nations. The college takes its name from its main donor Alfried Krupp Stiftung.

Krupp College was the home for the first generation of Jacobs University students in 2002, and ever since, the Krupp College Team as well as the many students living in Krupp –the Kruppies- have enjoyed our very active social life and super friendly and “chilled” atmosphere!

If you want to find out what Krupp College is all about, browse these pages and check out our amazing events, such as “Acoustic Night”; “Valentine’s Party” or “Chinese New Year”; or meet the “Krew” or team members of our college who are here to assist and help you find out answers to your many questions! If you want to know about the many services that are available to you in Krupp College or simply, need to know how to order a pizza, check our “resources” page!

Most of all, know that Krupp College welcomes you as the “spiciest” and friendliest place to be at Jacobs University, when you are away from home!

NOW, come and check us out!


Upcoming events

Gift Wrapping Cheer Up
Krupp College Office - Dec 15 - 16:00


Latest events

Community Dinner
Krupp College - Dec 1st -

Acoustic Night
Krupp College Office - Nov 29 - 21:00

Happy X'mas Dumpling
Krupp College Office - Nov 25 - 20:00


Acoustic Night

How to make a pizza!

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