Resident Associates



Warren John

Hi there, this is your friendly neighbourhood biochemist. Warren’s my name (even though my other names are also first names) and I come from the paradise isle of Sri Lanka. I’ve been at Jacobs since 2010, having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in BCCB and a Master’s degree in Molecular Life Science and currently doing a PhD in Biochemistry. I have a passion for music and if ever you are bothered by the noise of a guitar, it would most likely be me. I love listening to Christian music and getting together with people and jamming, and even composing songs. I believe all Biochemists are natural chefs, thus my love for cooking and baking too.

I’ve met people from various ethnicities and nationalities over the years and I’m still fascinated by the diversity and the beautiful blend of cultures that Jacobs brings. Having already spent 3 years in Krupp, I’ve been blessed to be part of such a loving and caring family such as this and I would open my doors without fail to always make you feel welcome just as I have been welcomed into this community.

So if you ever smell a whiff of good food when you’re passing by, or if you want to bring an instrument over and jam, or just simply chat, the door is always open… :)


Patrice Donfack

I am Patrice, your Resident Associate, living on the Second Floor of the B-Block of Krupp College. Stop by, stop Me, or contact me if you need help or just a chat!
I love Krupp college and its people. Let’s enjoy the home we’ve found :)


Adilah and Martin

We are Adilah and Martin, your RAs in C-Block !

Adilah comes from Tanzania and is currently pursuing her PhD in Geochemistry. Adilah loves to cook, dance (join her Zumba sessions!), and travel to explore the beautiful world.

Martin comes from Zambia and is currently a Postdoc in the field of Biotechnology. Apart from being a scientist, he absolutely loves playing football and going to the gym to work-out.

We have been part of this wonderful Jacobs community for a while now and during our long stay in the Jacobs ‘Bubble’, we have experienced and learnt a great deal about this very unique colourful community! The Jacobs Community especially the Krupp community is an amazing one and we would like to share our experiences with you all. If there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to approach us! Stop by even if you don’t need help with anything! There’s always something to chat about over a cup of tea or something

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!