House Rules

Jacobs University is an international environment where you will enjoy a large and dynamic international community and intercultural exchange. Krupp College supports and fosters intercultural understanding in the daily life of Kruppies. The Residential Colleges offer a home to many diverse individuals, embracing a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. In order to ensure a kind and peaceful environment, members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectable and considerate towards others in the college. By living in a Residential College, you are obliged and agree to the following rules. Violations will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Student Court.

Silence is expected:

On weekdays: 11 pm to 7 am

On Friday and Saturday nights: 1 am – 7 am

During the time outside quiet hours, any noise level must still be acceptable to everybody. Absolute silence is expected around the clock during reading and examination week.

Quiet hours include outside facilities around the colleges. If quiet hours are not respected, please follow these steps:

  1. Talk directly to the people causing disturbance after quiet hours.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable about this, talk to your floor-rep and ask her/him to take care of this issue. It is part of her/his responsibility that quiet hours are respected on the respective floor.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact Krupp College Resident Associates on duty for support. Resident Associates (RAs) will report to the College Office Manager and/or Resident Mentors any intervention, including those caused by excessive noise. Sanctions will be discussed at the Krupp Housing Committee composed of the Resident Mentors, the Resident Associates and the Krupp student representatives. In case of subsequent offenses, sanctions can reach the exclusion of the individual from Krupp College in agreement with the university leadership.
  4. Feel free to also contact your College Office Manager.
  5. It is also possible to file a complaint to the Student Court.

Parties can be celebrated at the ‘OtherSide’. Reservation of the Krupp Common rooms for gatherings birthdays or other celebrations or events can be made to the Resident Associate (RA) on duty. Please be reminded that parties in rooms and floors are not allowed.


  • Apartment Sharing: Roommates are expected to agree on common standards for cleanliness and noise for their shared living environment.
  • Conservation: Switch off lights and heater when leaving the rooms.
  • Bikes: always bring them into the basement or in the bike racks outside the college. Do not leave them in the entrance hall.
  • Fire extinguisher: do not remove it from the designated places
  • Fire alarm: only use this in potentially life-threatening situations. Any costs incurred by the college as a result of misuse will be charged to the responsible student(s).
  • Quiet study area: please respect studying students. No noise and no study-groups in the quiet study area.
  • Niches: designated for study-groups
  • Servery: always bring back the trays to designated racks. Keep servery clean. Bring back cups from Aramark
  • Kitchens: keep kitchens clean and remove expired food from fridge and cupboards.
  • Laundry-rooms: keep the laundry rooms clean and do not forget your cloths there because many people need to use the machines.
  • Waste: do not leave waste on the floors, bring it directly into the containers. Separate glass and put it into the designated containers.
  • Pets: Other than fish, NO pets are allowed in college rooms.
  • Smokers: Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in any area of the College.
  • College office: make reservation of conference room through the college manager.
  • Cleaning supply: ask your floor-reps for distribution.