Floor Representatives

Elected by residents of the floor, Floor Reps volunteer and dedicate themselves to make sure everything is in order on their floors. They help keep floor harmony and encourage floor residents to interact and socialize by organizing gatherings and parties. Floor reps also make sure that the kitchen is always fully equipped and in tip top shape and also make sure that the vacuum cleaner is available for everyone to use. In short, they manage the floor budget and are the ones responsible to see that everyone on their floor is satisfied with the floor conditions :)


KA1:Muhammad Yusuf Azka, KA2: Smriti Setia, KA3: Lalit Singh (not pictured)


KB1: RomaniaIrina Rosu (not pictured), KB2:Lisa Schellenberg, KB3: Andrea Giuliani


KC1: RomaniaMaria-Bianca Leonte, KC2: Patrick Franck, KC3: Frenci Rakipi