USG Representatives

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the executive unit of the undergraduate student body and is formed by the Presidency, the Secretaries, the Infrastructure and the student committees. The USG organizes activities involving the student body, serves as liaison with the university administration, faculty, staff and college authorities, and deals with specific subjects including academic affairs, campus affairs, internal affairs, external relations and finance via corresponding committees.

Lillan Lommel

Lillan_KC1As a member of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) in cooperation with the Residential Mentors and the Student Affairs Department I primarily work on making student life on campus as enjoyable and safe for everyone as possible. Of course, I can also always be approached by students, especially Kruppies about issues they would like to address to the USG or to other campus departments.



Yashan Bu

parliamentAs a parliamentarian in USG, I work as the co-chair of Internal Affair Committee, responsible for the issues in the Jacobs officials and leadership, especially those really concerning the benefits of the student body. Generally speaking, our mission is to build a bridge between the officers and students and promote the communication between student body and officials and thus let leadership hear our voice and let us have a say in university affairs. As a representative from Krupp, of course, it is my responsibility to bring the concerns of Kruppies to the USG meeting, such as the problems with servery in last semester and residential issues. So it is very welcome that any Kruppy approach me with their concerns, no matter big or small, and I would be glad to raise them in our regular USG meeting.